The Western Society for French History



It is easy to become an annual or life member of the WSFH using our new online registration system. Annual memberships are for the calendar year. If you have difficulty, contact the Treasurer, Erik Thomson (Erik.Thomson AT umanitoba DOT ca).

E-mail List

We maintain a mailing list strictly limited to announcements concerning WSFH news, conferences, prizes, and publications. Members and conference participants are added automatically, or individuals may subscribe to the list in order to stay informed.

Life Members

The WSFH gratefully acknowledges the following life members, whose generous support helps the Society in many ways.

WSFH Life Members
Gail Bossenga College of William and Mary
Gayle Brunelle California State-Fullerton
Deborah Buffton University of Wisconsin-LaCrosse
R. O'Brian Carter Berry College
Linda Clark Millersville University of Pennsylvania
Diana K. Davis University of Texas-Austin
Irene Earls University of Florida
Carolyn Eichner University of Wisconsin Milwaukee
Susan Amanda Eurich Western Washington University
Annette Finley-Crosswhite Old Dominion University
Dena Goodman University of Michigan
Hines Hall Auburn University
Carol Harrison University of South Carolina
Mack P. Holt George Mason University
Gary Kates Pomona College
Ronald Martin Santa Ana College
John McCormack Aurora University
Jeffrey Merrick University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Michael Miller University of Miami
Zoran Minderovic Ann Arbor, MI
Gregory Monahan Eastern Oregon University
Kathryn Norberg University of California-Los Angeles
Karen Offen Stanford University
Jennifer Popiel St. Louis University
Bryant T. Ragan, Jr. Colorado College
Alyssa Goldstein Sepinwall California State University-San Marcos
Daniel Smail Harvard University
Terry Strieter Murray State University
Madia Thompson Philadelphia, PA
Whitney Walton Purdue University
Torbjorn Wandel Truman State University
William Weber California State University-Long Beach