The Western Society for French History


Previous Conference Programs

Click on the links to find recent conference programs. Any scholars who can provide electronic copies of programs from earlier conferences should contact the WSFH secretary.

2016 Cedar Rapids, IA

2015 Chicago, IL

2014 San Antonio, TX

2013 Atlanta, GA

2012 Banff, AL, Canada

2011 Portland, OR

2010 Lafayette, LA

2009 Boulder, CO

2008 Quebec City, QC, Canada

2007 Albuquerque, NM

2006 Long Beach, CA

2005 Colorado Springs, CO

2004 Lubbock, TX

2003 Newport Beach, CA

2002 Baltimore, MD

2001 Indianapolis, IN

2000 Los Angeles, CA

1999 Asilomar, CA

1998 Boston/Lynnfield, MA

1997 Saskatoon, SK, Canada