The Western Society for French History

WSFH/FHS Travel and Research Grant

The Western Society for French History and the Society for French Historical Studies offer an annual award of $2000 for research conducted outside North America on any aspect of the history of France.


This award is granted to an outstanding American or Canadian scholar who has received the doctorate in History in the five-year period previous to the award (since January 2009 for the 2014 award). The award must be spent no more than one year after the fellowship is awarded.

Application Instructions.

Please see detailed instructions on the Society for French Historical Studies website. Applications must include the following:


Previous Winners

2016. Bronwen McShea, Columbia University, "Patroness of Empire: Duchesse Marie d’Aiguillon and French-Catholic Expansion in 17th-Century Asia, America, and Africa."

2015. Laurie M. Wood, Florida State University. "Archipelago of Justice: Law in France's Early Modern Empire."

2014. Burleigh Hendrickson, Northeastern University. "Imperial Fragments and Transnational Activism: 1968(s) in Tunisia, France, and Senegal."

2013. Elena Napolitano, University of Toronto. "Prospects of Statecraft: Diplomacy, Territoriality, and the Vision of French Nationhood in Rome, 1660-1700."

2012. Alexia Yates, Harvard University. "Selling Paris: Real Estate and Commercial Culture in the Fin-de-Siècle Marketplace."

2011. Christina Firpo, California Polytechnic State University-San Luis Obispo. "Abandoned Children: The Crisis of Racial Patriarchy and the Forcible Removal of Mixed-Race Children in Colonial Indochina, 1890-1956."

2010. Jennifer Palmer, University of Chicago. "An Ocean Between Them: Race, Gender, and the Family in France and Its Colonies."

2009. Jonathyne Briggs, Indiana University Northwest. "Anarchie en France: Hypermodernity and French Popular Music, 1958-1981."

2008. Claire Salinas, Colorado College. "Settling Society in France and Algeria: Emigration, Colonization, and Liberal Politics, 1830-1870."

2007. Junko Tankeda, Syracuse University. "Between France and the Mediterranean: Absolutism and Commercian Humanism in Marseille, 1660-1720."

2006. Rebecca Pulju, Kent State University. "The Woman's Paradise: Gender and Consumer Culture in France, 1944-1965."

2005. Sara Beam, University of Victoria. "The Body of the Criminal in Europe, 1500-1750."

2004. Richard Keyser, Western Kentucky University. "From Gift to Contract: The Transformation of Medieval Property Dealings, Champagne, 1100-1350.

2003. Richard C. Keller, University of Wisconsin-Madison. "Developing Madness: The Psychiatrist's Civilizing Mission in French North Africa, 1900-1962."

2002. Sean Kennedy, University of New Brunswick. "The Croix de Feu and the Parti Social Français in Algeria."

2001. Nancy Locklin, Maryville College. "Women in Early Modern Brittany: Rethinking Work and Identity in a Traditional Economy."

2000. Patrick R. Young, Fordham University. "The Consumer as National Subject: Bourgeois Tourism in the French Third Republic, 1880-1914."

1999. Michael Lynn, Agnes Scott College. "Popular Science in the French Enlightenment: The Dissemination of Natural Philosophy and the Creation of an Urban Scientific Culture."

1998. Nancy Edwards, Bowdoin College. "Regendering the Nation: The Role of the Housewife in French Identity Formation from 1918 to Vichy."

1997. Matthew S. Keufler.